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My Landing Page Cash Machine Workshop is my "new product incubator". That's where I give exclusive access to my best clients of all of my newest products months before they are released to the public.

Each Month, members receive a new ebook and teleseminar on the latest internet marketing topics.

Survey Power

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"Survey Power "

No sale can happen unless you know who you are selling to, and why they are buying from you.

And one of the best ways to figure out answers to both of those questions is to simply ask them.

Surveys are powerful ways to give your customers exactly what they want whether you are producing teleseminars, ebooks, personal service or any other kind of products.

Survey Power will actually show you how to structure your survey, ask the right questions, and set up a survey (complete with web page templates) so that you can survey your cusotmers easier than ever before.

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"SEO Demystified "

Search Engine Optimization

April's Topic was all about getting Organic Traffic to your website.

SEO Demystified is a Plain Language, easy-to-implement guide for achieving high Organic Search Engine rankings.

Examine the sites you compete against using the techniques in this ebook, and you'll discover how easy it will be to overtake them in record time.

Also includes instructions for creating your first Google Sitemap, a key to making sure Google finds all your pages.

This Month's Topic is. . .

May is all about Copywriting for Adwords. Those tiny ads can be really cheap, but when no one clicks on them, they're actually worthless. Depending on your market, the ads can also be expensive, and you can drive yourself to the poorhouse if the clicks you are getting are not creating sales.

Copywriting for Adwords is all about overcoming the writer's block that shuts us down and stifles the creativity we need to finally discover the magical ads that actually sell.

Join the Workshop...for just TWO Dollars?

You'll get all three of these ebooks when you join the workshop, all for only $2.

Normally, the workshop is $47 per month, and it includes a new ebook each month, plus a new teleseminar, plus accelerated access to me for your internet marketing questions.

But, if you add the Landing Page Cash Machine Workshop to your order now, you can have The First Month for just $2.

As a member, you're free to download everything you see there. Try it out for 30 days, if you don't think it's the best value in Internet Marketing, and find that it's a tremendous benefit to your Internet Marketing operations, let me know before your 30 days is up and you won't be charged a penny more.

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